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Your website, email marketing, and products. All under one roof.

Thousands of people like you use Podia to bring their entire business into a single platform. Podia is free. And as you grow, it has all the tools you’ll need to keep growing.

Give your website, email marketing, and products a clean, professional look that’s easy to build yourself.

You should be able to spend your time creating, not figuring out yet another piece of tech. Podia puts your website, email marketing, and digital products in one platform that’s easy to use.

Website Builder

You could have a beautiful, free website in the next 10 minutes

Your website is free, easy, and beautiful. Podia handles the tech out of the box, so you can set up your site and get back to work.

  • Podia manages your checkout and sales. Then your customers just log in to access your products, courses, and communities.

  • Change the buttons, add a section, add a whole new page—making your website is as easy as typing, and just takes a few minutes.

  • Color schemes, brand styles, logos, a stock photo integration, and loads of section types let you make a website that matches your brand.

Email Marketing

Beautiful email marketing in the same place as everything else

Why figure out how to stitch a whole bunch of different tools together when you can do everything in one place? Podia Email puts your email marketing in the same place as your website, digital products, courses, and community.

  • Beautiful emails should be easy to make. Podia lets you customize fonts, colors, design, images, and everything else, so that you can send emails that feel like yours.

  • When your sales are in the same place as your email, you can segment based on products, community, activity, and anything else in your account. No more stitching together tools that don’t like talking to each other, and no other tools to learn.

  • Podia lets you automate emails based on tags and triggers, so that it’s easy to welcome your subscribers and launch your products. But because everything is in one place, it can even do more than that — and show you exactly how much money you make from each email.

Digital Products

Sell courses, coaching, ebooks, webinars, workshops—almost anything!

Your products are easy to sell and easy for your customers to buy. Podia takes care of hosting products, taking payments, and getting products to your customers.

  • A clean, professional course builder makes your courses look amazing. And all the lessons, files, and video uploads are handled for you.

  • Podia makes it easy to spin up a sales page and sell ebooks, templates, audio files, video files, spreadsheets, or any other file type.

  • Book (and charge for) your one-on-one sessions with Podia. Everything gets taken care of in one place.

  • Run your webinar and workshop sales through your Podia site, so that your audience can pay and register all in one place.


The community you want, without worrying about integrations or “the algorithm”

Where can you have the best conversations on the internet? In your community. Podia gives you the flexibility to make paid communities, free communities, and memberships on a platform you own.

  • Free plans, paid plans, you decide. You can make as many plans with as many prices as you want.

  • You decide the discussion topics for your community. Then you and your members can post text, images, videos, and over 1900 types of embeddable content.

  • Bundle your products together with community plans, so that you can build your community around your work as a creator.

Website Builder

Your website is free forever

Podia makes website building so fun. I feel like I could set up a site in an afternoon, and it would look great. And there’s something to be said for how pretty it is. It’s the best-looking one by far.

— Joseph D’Amico, Flex Lessons

Friendly support, 7 days a week. Whenever you need help, it’s here for you.

Sometimes the fastest way to get answers is to ask someone. Podia has hundreds of articles and resources, a support team that’s available 7 days a week, and a community of thousands of creators like you to ask for help.

Chat support, 7 days a week

Talk to a real person to get help with whatever you need.

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Creator Community

Join thousands of others navigating the creator journey just like you.

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Help on demand

Hundreds of articles and videos any time you need them.

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