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We empower creative entrepreneurs to make a living doing what they love.

Since 2014, we’ve been committed to building the most creator-friendly tools to help you sell online courses, digital downloads, membership subscriptions and more to your audience.

What we stand for

Our principles

These four principles drive everything we do.

Creators first

In every facet of the Podia product or business, we ask ourselves: is this first and foremost in the interests of Creators? Our success as a company is solely determined by the success of the Creators who use our platform, so their needs are our needs above everything else.

For everyone, equally

No matter who you are, how old you are, what race or gender you are, or what country you call home, if you’re a Creator, we’re working for you. We treat everyone with the same respect and with the same level of attention, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or at the top of your field.

Friendly and fun

At some point during the past twenty years, software became impersonal. Software is ones and zeros, but that doesn’t mean it should be robotic. Podia is for people and we want creators to be treated as such, and to know that they’re buying from people, not a business.

Looking to the future

Creators are most successful when they embrace the future. It’s our job to build the future for Creators to live in.

Who we are

Meet the team

Podia is completely remote, giving us all the freedom to work and play as we see fit.

Portrait of Spencer

New York, US

Spencer Fry

Enjoys long weekend trips every chance he gets.

Cork, Ireland

Jamie Lawrence

Podia’s resident amphibian.

Maryland, US

Len Markidan

Wakes up earlier than anyone reasonably should.

Portrait of Veronica

South Carolina, US

Veronica Calvage

Will cross state lines for ice cream.

Tennessee, US

Jason Charnes


Texas, US

Lauren Cochran

Ironically, uncomfortable talking about herself.

New York, US

Cathryne Hamsher

Sings loudly when no one is home.

Colorado, US

Andrea Fomera

Currently resides in her cat’s home as a distinguished guest.

Ontario, Canada

Basil Kahn

Lifelong tinkerer and chocolate 🍫 addict.

Pennsylvania, US

Ian McMullen

Husband, father, friend, musician.

British Columbia, Canada

Luke Seeley

I am Beyonce, always.

Texas, US

Ben Toalson

Songwriter, fit-dad, video guy.

Portrait of Courtney in a field of sunflowers

Illinois, US

Courtney Matula

French fry enthusiast and wearer of mismatched socks.

Pennsylvania, US

Katee Saffer

Will always talk to you about her tomato plants, even when you don’t really want her to.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rodrigo Chichierchio

Pop culture enthusiast, chihuahua lover, and shower lip-sync performer 🚿.

Illinois, US

Hayley Stuber

Has a coupon for that.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Samantha Mykyte

If lost, look for her in the mountains.

A portrait of Rachel Burns

Illinois, US

Rachel Burns

Dog-petter, year-round iced coffee drinker, and Oxford comma enthusiast.

Montreal, Canada

Sébastien Auriault

Did someone say Ruby?

Alabama, US

Jessica Pruitt

Will cover anything in kitties and cuteness if you let her.

Porto, Portugal

Pedro Gaspar

Knows how to solve the Rubik’s cube blindfolded 🙈.

Barcelona, Spain

Mario Zugaj

Paella addict, KonMari enthusiast, student of Stoicism, mountain lover.

Somerset, England

Harry Llewelyn

Ruby developer. Work in progress.

Tennessee, US

Angela Neylon

I live with my two very fluffy dogs, Henry and Cailin. And there is always room for ice cream.

Utah, US

Christian Muralles

Be Kind.

Tennessee, US

Ryan Rappeport

Aspiring Survivor contestant and breakfast burrito connoisseur.

Maine, US

Benyamin Elias

Hey you, reading this. You got this.

Florida, US

Arraya Anderson

A Ray of Sunshine ☀️. Mother of Cats. Boyband Enthusiast.

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