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3-2-1 Get It Done

Lissa Prudencio, Wealth for Women of Color

"My goal every day that I work on my business is to make progress. Progress can be on small tasks or big projects. Either way, I’m satisfied with myself to know that I’ve moved at least one thing forward each day.

One particular practice I've created for myself is what I call the "3-2-1 Get It Done" method. In a nutshell, each day I create a checklist of six total items.

The bucket of three tasks are time-based. For example, "spend 30 minutes on monthly newsletter" or "work on e-course materials for one hour."

The bucket of two tasks are task-based, or small items that can be completed within a day. For example, "proofread monthly newsletter" or "update bio on website."

The last item is a bonus that can be either time-based or task-based.

The goal is to focus on these tasks throughout the day and check them off upon completion. As opposed to stressing out when you don't complete the entire checklist on a given day, the goal is to give yourself leniency. Look at what you did complete, and move the items that don't get completed to the next bucket, the next day.

For example, if a task-based task such as "proofread monthly newsletter" doesn't get completed, it moves to the time-based grouping the next day. This ensures that no matter what, even if the task isn't fully completed, there is time dedicated to making progress on it.

Over time, I've felt this method has helped me move forward on a lot of projects. It gives constant assurance that you're making progress each day and helps you learn how to break big projects into smaller actionable steps."

Advice Contributor

Lissa Prudencio

Lissa Prudencio is a personal finance creator, speaker, and business owner who started Wealth for Women of Color in 2022 to give BIPOC women a safe space to openly talk about money and building wealth.

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