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Accept the good and bad days

Louise Bennett, Blankets and Biscuits

"Grief has meant that I am not as consistently productive as I once was. My attention span is shorter, and I tire much more easily. It’s difficult for me to work late or put in long hours.

What I've learned is to accept this. There are practices that I must do every day, such as walking the dog and making sure I have plenty of sleep. I accept that some days I will get a lot done and feel motivated, and others will feel more difficult, and to roll with that.

On a practical level, I have found that blocking out time into Pomodoro blocks (25 minutes) works well for me, along with brown noise playlists. I write down far more now than I ever did in the past, and my productivity levels have improved now that I'm not trying to keep it all in my head."

Advice Contributor

Louise Bennett

Louise Bennett is a bereaved mother, striving to have better conversations about grief and grieving.

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