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Aim for 80% perfect

Casey Cole Corbin, From Good to Great Coaching

"Perfectionism isn’t worth what it costs!

I wish I had known that the content that I create in my courses, memberships, books, and even videos don’t have to be perfect! Or even close. Especially in a live video format, the listener doesn’t expect you to be so polished -in fact, they appreciate you being real.

When I stumble on a word or say “um,” it gives my clients permission to stumble too and yet get it done and out there!

To defeat my own immobilizing perfectionism, I wrote a book 10 years ago. Here’s the catch - I gave myself only 30 days! And that while working a full-time job. I know that imperfect book is still out there in the ethos, and many times I thought about fixing the grammar and adding chapters... but NO! It’s a reminder to me to Just Do It Imperfectly!

This mindset helped me a lot when, 5 years ago, I started my first online membership program, BUT it was delayed a whole year while I taught myself the complicated technology! (Podia -where were you when I needed you!?!) :) By the time I did start, that particular niche in that particular industry was down trending. I missed the crest of the wave!

I finally learned never to delay in perfectionism again. Now I aim at 80% perfect, call it done, and hit the publish button! Let me demonstrate now…"

Advice Contributor

Casey Cole Corbin

Casey Cole Corbin has been an award-winning creative, professional counselor, and life coach for over 25 years. He helps people with coaching and counseling and helps businesses with consulting and business coaching.

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