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As you evolve, your business will too

Gabriela Higa

"When I started my business in 2016, my only motivation was to make money to become independent and travel the world. My passion for independence was so strong that I achieved it in less than six months. At that time, I taught what I knew and dedicated myself to teaching courses on sales.

After a while, I got bored, lost interest in that topic, and thought that something was wrong with me as an entrepreneur. I became discouraged by boredom and soon changed the subject. I created a brand to provide Pinterest services and reignited my business.

After a year, I got bored again and sold the brand to an agency to then ask myself again what I wanted to do. I went back to teaching something I was an expert in (time management and tech tutorials) and almost effortlessly got back up.

Something that kept me confused for a long time was thinking that I had to choose a topic or specialty to be successful. However, with a multi-passionate personality, focusing on one thing felt impossible.

It was then, almost on the verge of giving up, that I started sharing EFT tapping for personal enjoyment, and once again, I had success. In the process of sharing what I enjoyed the most, I realized that perhaps success was just knowing how to navigate change and being free to create what I felt like creating at that moment.

What I would have liked to know in the beginning was that it was okay to create multiple things and have multiple sources of income. Aspiring to be a millionaire by creating only one product was not for me because I was bored thinking that I had to do only one thing.

Today, because I am open to doing multiple things, I dedicate my energy to creating things I like, and, at the same time, I receive money through multiple channels: YouTube advertising, consultations, therapy sessions, sponsored posts, courses, memberships, and more. My perfectionist side still finds it difficult to understand that it is convenient for my personality to open multiple channels. But, at the same time, I am happy to give myself permission to do so and vary in each period of my life.

I also understand that as I evolve personally, my business also evolves. The advice I would give myself if I were to start again would be to trust your intuition, that your inner being knows what to create in each moment of your life, and that as you trust, everything you need will be given to you."

Advice Contributor

Gabriela Higa

Gabriela Higa is an EFT tapping coach and content creator. She helps women overcome fear and connect with their security and confidence so that they can flow toward their goals.

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