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Ask before building

Stephanie D. McKenzie

"One change that I made was asking before building.

So often we have an idea of something that we want to offer, so we may take the time to build every component without even knowing if there's a demand for it. One of the things that I started doing in my business was asking my audience what they wanted and assessing what their needs really were so that I could develop a solution that they were ready to buy.

I realize that response may be met with a resounding "duh." However, it's actually not as common as you might think. Many times, people want to do what they want to do. Even in branding and marketing, they will develop a brand and a marketing strategy from the inside out and never take into account what their target audiences may need and desire from them.

This is a great way for creators to use social media. Oftentimes, I have made simple Facebook posts asking if my audience would be interested in some idea that I was having. And in doing that, and if they like it, I now have created a built-in audience that I can go back to once the solution that they want has been created. It also can keep me from creating things that no one wants or wants in their current state.

Creating solutions based on your audience's feedback is an empowering strategy for both you and your business. When I began to do this, I saw a marked change in my ability to fill a class, fill a program, and decide that one of my "big ideas" wasn't quite as awesome as I once thought (It happens). I highly recommend that you ask...before you sell. It can change did for me."

Advice Contributor

Stephanie D. McKenzie

Stephanie D. McKenzie is a multi-certified coach, award-winning marketer, business mentor, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author who serves multi-passionate high achievers and recovering people pleasers with brand and marketing for your mission and coaching that empowers.

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