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Ask questions and listen

Carmin Wharton

"When I first launched my coaching business a few years ago and prior to relaunching my coaching business a few months ago, I wish I’d known that the best way to give my niche market what they want and need is to ask them what they want and need!

Based on the fact that I am a member of my niche market – a midlife woman over 50 – I assumed I knew what they needed and had actually created a course and some digital products based on MY assumption of what they needed. And boy was I wrong!

As creators, I think we tend to assume we know what our niche market needs and wants, and this is a huge mistake! I created a simple survey using Survey Monkey and asked my niche market what they needed to start an online service business.

I am now revamping my digital products and courses, and I’ve eliminated from my brain a great deal of programs I intended to create. I am now creating one business group coaching program based on what the survey told me people need to get them from point A (wanting to start a business using the skills, knowledge, and expertise they already possess) to point B (actually launching their dream business)."

Advice Contributor

Carmin Wharton

Carmin Wharton is a business coach to midlife women (50+) who want to start an online business using current skills, knowledge, expertise, and passion, and a life coach to women who want to reinvent their life - on their terms!

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