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Build audience before product

Kevin Cheng, Do Your Dreamwork

"I made the mistake of not building my audience through posting free content regularly, choosing instead to focus my time and energy on creating my course.

I kept thinking I need a product in order to generate income. As a result, even though my course was created, I had no audience to talk to about it. And even if I had a small audience, it still takes time to build a relationship with them and build their trust in me.

So, the lesson that I've learned since that time is: Start to build your audience now — don't wait until the time feels right. Create and post free content regularly, help your audience make progress, and build your relationship with them. Then when your course is created and ready, you'll have an engaged audience to launch to."

Advice Contributor

Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng helps small businesses overcome the tech challenges in content marketing and running online courses and membership sites.

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