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Answer audience questions

Ryan O'Connell, How To ADU

"Just listen to your audience. At the beginning, you're not going to have a ton of people, but you're still going to get questions. What I would do is go through your TikTok or YouTube videos and pick out questions.

Actually just take the question and answer it. TikTok gives you a feature that does that. YouTube's about to introduce the same feature. And even if you don't have that feature, write down the question. You're going to find that you get the same questions multiple times or questions with a similar motivation behind them, and when you learn to speak to those questions, you're gonna grow your audience faster.

Also, when you answer somebody's question, find a way to let them know. Go back to the comment and reply and say, 'Hey, I answered your question in this video'. It's a great way to grow your audience just by that one person.

And then if you get questions in other places, by email or by phone or even conversation with your friends, build those into videos.

See which ones get traction. I was surprised at how often the best content for me to go over was actually the things that people were literally asking me! I just had to listen."

Advice Contributor

Ryan O'Connell

Ryan O’Connell is the founder of How To ADU and an advocate for more housing in California. He helps people build homes in their backyards, or convert part of their house into an apartment.

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