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Let your audience shape your content

Yolanda Temiz, Bloie Creative Studio

"As a beginner creator, I initially assumed that my audience would share similar characteristics and interests as myself. This led me to underestimate the value of the content I was sharing as I believed it to be too simple or familiar to those who followed me.

However, it wasn't until I actively engaged in conversations with my audience and listened to their specific needs and perspectives that I truly understood who they were.

Initially, I felt intimidated by my audience, but I soon realized that they are essential to shaping my content. It's important to avoid making assumptions about our audience as they hold the key to effective content creation.

Establish genuine connections with your audience from the very start by being transparent and actively listening to their thoughts and needs rather than relying solely on your content."

Advice Contributor

Yolanda Temiz

Yolanda Temiz helps busy solopreneurs with branding and content creation.

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