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Authenticity is more important than trends

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith, Brands by Brie

"I believe newer creators should be careful of only creating based on trends. This method can often lead to feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel that is going nowhere fast and stifle creativity in the content creation process.

There is something to be said about showing up in a manner that speaks directly to your talents and gifts, and if you use your own story to direct what it is that you create, you'll never run out of content!

I can use myself as an example of this. During the final months of last year, I challenged myself to post as many reels on Instagram as possible since even the platform itself said this is the kind of content they'd be prioritizing. Unfortunately, these reels rarely exceeded more than 150 views and seeing the numbers discouraged me.

So, in January, I decided to unplug and use Metricool to schedule my content. I planned everything two weeks in advance, used less reels and more carousel posts, and then made sure every post I shared had a call to action. I noticed an almost instant increase in engagement and an increase in my overall profile reach.

Nothing I'd created was trendy, but it was authentic to me, and now I feel like I've been able to create a culture of conversation around the information I'm posting."

Advice Contributor

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith believes a peaceful home and a profitable brand can coexist. Brie launched Brands by Brie - a coaching company helping moms build businesses while raising their children.

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