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Batch to avoid procrastination

Christina Butcher, Hair Romance

"As a world-champion procrastinator who manages to create every day, I have unique ways to save time and maximise my day.

It starts with lists, the procrastinator's tool of choice. But by connecting similar tasks, I can batch create my work across the week. Batching is the only way for creators to make time in their week.

Switching between tasks is the biggest time waster, so doing all my video at once, then editing together, then writing, I can keep a consistent focus.

If your procrastination loves to steal your attention, combining timers with batching is the ultimate creation tool. I work for 52 minutes then give myself a 17-minute screen-free break. This special 52:17 Japanese work ratio allows me to work with energy and intention all day long."

Advice Contributor

Christina Butcher

Christina Butcher is the hair behind Hair Romance, one of the world’s biggest hair blogs. Hair Romance helps you to fall in love with your hair by learning how to style your hair fast.

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