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Batching production with a weekly focus

Emily Armstrong

“I’m an artist who is self-employed and working from home, so some kind of structure is important! To be honest, it’s something I still struggle with because there is always so much I want to do. It’s easy to get caught up in doing so many things that nothing really gets finished. But here is how I make sure things get done.

I've experimented with ways of dividing my time and the strategy that works best for me is batch production.

I plan out my month with a different focus for each week. For example, the first week may be working on a particular online course, the second week producing for Youtube, the third week on short tutorials, and the last week for promotion (I'm still struggling to prioritize promotion!). Within each week, I have tasks and deadlines for what I want to produce for that focus area.

I use Notion as a monthly organizer and a place to write and edit scripts. I like the flexibility of Notion to move things around - if something comes up one week and I can't follow my plan, it is easy to restructure my month.

I set aside Sunday to do absolutely nothing, and I'll usually spend this time surfing, reading, drawing, watching TV, or sometimes just wandering around. It's amazing what ideas you come up with when your brain has nothing to do – of course I make sure to keep the ideas for another day.”

Advice Contributor

Emily Armstrong

Emily Armstrong is an artist and art teacher from New Zealand. She started The Pencil Room Online to help those who want motivation and direction in their drawing practice.

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