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By being honest, you can never go wrong

Freeda Filippou, Immersive English

"Here is the thing about making decisions when starting a business on your own: they are scary. Terrifying! You don’t have a manager, you don’t have colleagues to bounce your ideas on, every step that you take carries 100% of the responsibility, and your only friend is your dog.

Okay, I may be overreacting.

What I learned though, through this process, is that by being honest, you can never go wrong. Coming from a strictly corporate environment, where the client is god, and one needs to bow down to every need and request, I always felt something was off about it. The nature of education is that it needs to be guided, and slow, transparent, and flowing, like a river. Not fast-paced. Certainly not on the clients' terms - since they want it fast and they want it now.

The shift from being servantly to being honest brought me more clients - and better quality, at that. It made me create clearer timelines for my students-clients in order to help them achieve their goals realistically, all the while offering great flexibility (keeping with the flowy metaphors) as a river changes with the times. It also made me happier.

And that's what it's about at the end. Being happy with your work, and your choices."

Advice Contributor

Freeda Filippou

Freeda Filippou is an English as a foreign language teacher, dedicated to educating adults.

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