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Be intentional with your time

Seryna Myers

"Being intentional with how you spend your time is the best way to get things done… and with that, the best way to feel good about what you accomplish. Because I work with recovering people pleasers, it can be easy to look at what you’ve done at the end of the day and beat yourself up over it (honestly: even if you HAVE been productive). But when you can gift yourself a bit of structure, it makes achievements more tangible and realistic, and you’re less likely to be hard on yourself.

With being intentional, for me it's about deciding in advance how you're going to use your time. As an example, I only see clients three days a week, and I know those are the days I'm going to have to put on makeup and wear something other than my pjs. It also means if I have doctor's appointments or social calls, I will schedule them outside of those days - client time is sacred.

This also applies to other tasks like checking email or social media. I keep my notifications off so that my attention isn't pulled there with every like or message when I'm not planning to be there. This helps me stay focused on one thing at a time instead of running around responding to everything in the moment (and ultimately getting nothing done).

As a fun new addition: I've been using isochronic tones on YouTube and the pomodoro timing technique to sharpen things up for me even further."

Advice Contributor

Seryna Myers

Seryna Myers is a Master Transformation Coach and Shadow Alchemist.

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