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Build your list with quizzes

Seryna Myers

"I feel like I’ve tried just about everything to build my email list. I did free events and downloads (meditations, workbooks, journal prompts, moon rituals - you name it). I tried low-cost offers and Facebook ads… but one thing was miles ahead in terms of conversion…


Humans have a wild desire to know more about themselves. We're always looking to outside tools: Enneagram, Myers Briggs, astrology, numerology, anything to give us a little more insight into how we tick. Oftentimes, I believe we're looking for evidence (or permission) that who we are is okay.

I'm a chronic over-giver and love creating high-value documents, so I was able to blend both the self-inquiry that the quiz held with the juicy application that answers, "So now what?" after they get their results. I've honestly not seen anything convert quite like it."

Advice Contributor

Seryna Myers

Seryna Myers is a Master Transformation Coach and Shadow Alchemist.

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