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Build up to your launch

Nayad Nassar

"I think that when launching a product it is very beneficial to know when the launch is going to be months in advance, and plan ahead the campaign you will create to build up expectation.

In my case, I knew I wanted to launch my online course by February 2023 at the latest… so I’ve been publishing content related to it since July 2022! I have revamped my socials to drive home the messages and themes I will be covering in my course, making the pain points known, and funneling interested people to my mailing list first and to my webpage second.

It is necessary to remind people what you are all about. What you love. What you can help them with. And then publish a grand slam offer that details all those topics you’ve been covering.

I think if you build a personal brand with enough time for it to be understood amongst your followers, the chances for success increase exponentially.

When I launched my course, it sold out in a matter of days because people were already expecting it to come, and they desired to be part of it."

Advice Contributor

Nayad Nassar

Nayad Nassar is a communicator from Costa Rica who teaches online courses on confidence for young women, in Spanish.

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