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Craft your own business template

Michelle Dale, Virtual Miss Friday

"If you want to really maximize the profits of your business and economise your time, find a template for yourself to follow. I don’t mean the kind you find on Etsy. I mean craft (or adopt) a template business model for how you work.

This needs to include structures for how you create your work, including the phases and milestones in which you create timelines, the questions you need to ask the client or colleague, the flow and the instructions for how it comes together, and standard operating procedures for your template model.

From there, establish your work and relationship boundaries in the sense of how you will work, what your expectations are, and what the client or colleague can expect from you.

Then start as you mean to go on with your structure and communicate to the client how your creative projects are going to progress. Stay in your lane, stay focused, and keep working and refining your template as you grow and learn.

This kind of structure can help you avoid problems and positively impact your work moving forward!"

Advice Contributor

Michelle Dale

Michelle Dale specializes in scalable online business operations services for solo entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses.

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