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People buy the first product they see

Laurence Brun

"With my Podia store, I discovered bundles. At the beginning, I sold my trainings one by one. And then, on the advice of another designer, I created bundles.

I sell inexpensive training courses because they are small modules and people create their own personalized course. But many of them only bought one training. When I created the bundles, I found that they were larger sums, and I was afraid of not making a sale. I put the cheapest bundle first, and people bought that first. Then, one day, to test, I put the most expensive first and to my surprise, it was the one that sold better.

So my lesson is that people buy the first product they see first, as long as it's in my area of expertise. Besides, I would like to be able to organize my products as I see fit and not according to price or alphabetical order because that does not always suit me.

I also created an installation assistance course for my trainees, and although it was in demand, I hardly sold any. Thinking about it, I think it's because it's not my area of expertise. I am recognized for my skills in bereavement support, not in setting up a business."

Advice Contributor

Laurence Brun

Laurence Brun is an online trainer on bereavement for professionals in the helping relationship.

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