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Charge enough for your courses

Hannah Broughton, The Therapy Adventure

"I have learnt that it’s important to charge enough when selling a course. It’s tempting with online or blended courses to try to sell many at a low cost, especially when you are focused on creating the biggest impact.

But charging more means we can provide a higher level of value and support to each student. This means that we then always offer payment plans so it's more affordable and the cost can be spread.

I have also learnt so much about packaging the course and the importance of different types of support. For example, we have course tutors who you can pick up the phone and call or email, we have live study sessions and discussion groups online, and we have some in-person practical days in the forest available to go alongside learning. We also have different means of assessment - completing a workbook, joining a discussion, submitting written responses, or sending in video contributions.

All this we do whilst using Podia as our main course platform."

Advice Contributor

Hannah Broughton

The Therapy Adventure creates evidence-based outdoor mental health support programmes, breaking down barriers to support for marginalised groups. Its unique approach combines outdoor activities with mental health support created by a multi-disciplinary therapy team.

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