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You can choose what’s right for your business

Dee Osborne

"What I wish I knew when I started as a creator? There are a few key things that I still ask myself almost daily: “What can I decide today that moves me forward?” and “Is this easy?” And that your business doesn’t need to look like everyone else’s.

Here's the thing. Our brain will automatically want to complicate everything by ticking all the boxes and having all the things before we even start a business or create something. In reality, we need to decide to make our move and then go do the thing. The 'how' will fall into place as you go because being a creator means you learn as you go.

It sounds a bit scary, but fast decision making is what will move you forward. And this leads me to my next point. Is it easy? Not to say we won't do hard things - there are hard things at every level. Is it easy to show up? Is this the easiest path for your clients to follow? Are we getting caught up in the details? Being a creator does not mean you are shackled to your business. You get to choose what is easy and how you show up. That also means you don't have to be IN your business 24/7 to be successful!

Which also means, your business does NOT need to look like everyone else's. Phew! Yes, there is strategy, but find the one that works for how you want to show up. So, if you don't like long landing pages, don't do them. If you don't want to have a ton of freebies, don't. Maybe you only show up on one social media platform or don't write weekly blog posts. It's up to you. You are a creator. The best part of this life is you get to decide what your business looks like."

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Dee Osborne

Dee Osborne helps moms regain their core strength and stop leaking postpartum.

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