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Package according to your clients’ needs

Hannah Chu, ADHD Powered

"The most important thing I learned about pricing and packaging is putting myself in the shoes of my potential clients. Do your research on your audience demographic. What is the cost of living? What is the standard price? How can I make this more accessible, fair, and worthwhile?

Creating a package to cater to the needs of your audience is not about creating a sales page. The moment you think of your services as just a means to make money can lead to forgetting the root word of "services"-- to serve. I learned the best and most authentic way to connect with others and have them reach out to you is to make your packages with love, similar to how you create a meaningful gift for your loved ones on special occasions or holidays.

I learned to be mindful of the struggles of clients by creating tailored pricing suited to their needs. Offer trial periods, payment plans, or custom packages specific to each person. Offering different options does not mean you are a bad business owner or content creator. Sometimes there is that pressure from social media to be a badass 6-figure business owner, and raking in thousands with minimum effort. But I realized that those things do not matter if you aren't thinking of the client first. And if you slap on unrealistic price points just because of pressure, it can mean losing the opportunity to impact someone's life, and that's pretty much priceless.

I don't mean that we should be giving away everything for free, or devaluing your work by pricing super low. But be mindful not to be prioritizing revenue over results."

Advice Contributor

Hannah Chu

Hannah is a life coach for adults with ADHD in the Philippines. Her mission is to empower teens and adults with ADHD, to embrace themselves wholly, and to utilize the unique strengths of their ADHD to succeed and flourish.

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