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There are clients at every price point

Dee Osborne

"Pricing can really make your head spin! What have I learned about pricing and packaging? Price your programs, courses, etc. based on what you want your income to be. What feels good to you?

I've made the mistake of pricing so low that it was a no brainer. Guess what? That no-brainer price point will still be too high for some people and too cheap for others. You will work your butt off trying to serve everyone, but having a price point that is for everyone means you don't really serve anyone. And you will more than likely burn out.

I will be very honest; I heard this advice and still priced my stuff super low, thinking it would be great to serve so many people because there are so many women who need my services. It was very hard to keep up.

Now I know that there are always clients at every price point. Always. Now, my product suite has smaller, lower-priced programs and high-ticket offers. This has taken time to build up to, but I love being able to serve clients at a $5K level and also know that someone who is interested in getting to know how I coach can purchase a $55 offer.

Decide on a price that feels good for you, not what other people will think of you because of that price. What price will you show as your best self? Commit to it. You don't need to explain it. Then show the crap up for it."

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Dee Osborne

Dee Osborne helps moms regain their core strength and stop leaking postpartum.

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