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Collaboration, not competition

Vivienne Okafor, TheVOGuide

"When I first started my brand, I was posting consistently, educating my audience, sharing my story, and sending my emails. But what caused my growth to expand beyond developing a consistent content strategy was collaborating with others in my industry.

I realized my audience had a lot of questions about content creation, Instagram growth, storytelling, etc. But instead of hoarding it all to myself, I decided to invite other creators in my industry on Instagram Live with me. I interviewed them (it was podcast style), brought in my own perspective, and wrapped up with them pitching their services to my audience.

It did three things for me: put me in front of their audience (so more eyeballs on my content, I was getting on average 20 follows every IG Live), crushed my scarcity mindset because I was basically bringing in my competitors, and it shifted people's perspective of me. Because I was bringing them on my IG and I was the host, I was seen as someone that knew and was bringing them on my platform to share, whether they had more followers than I did.

So I always recommend collaboration."

Advice Contributor

Vivienne Okafor

Vivienne Okafor is a creator, content strategist, and coach who teaches creative entrepreneurs and service-based business owners how to clarify their brand story and communicate it effectively to build meaningful connections online.

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