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Michael McCabe, Hilltop Video Services

"I believe my biggest growth practice is that I am not afraid to join a group of like-minded folks on Facebook or LinkedIn and offer free video production advice. I have joined many groups that revolve around topics I am interested in such as emergency services/suppliers, flying clubs, and video production groups.

I reach out to potential clients to see if we can talk about their “pain points” and how they have four options:

1. Create their own social marketing animations (cost-effective but time-consuming)

2. Hire an expensive video production company (expensive)

3. Hire a consultant to do it for them, teach them, and/or provide ongoing support (cost and time-effective)

4. DO nothing and hope things get better

I send them a personalized connection request that introduces myself and what I have to offer. The extent of my involvement is strictly left to the client. I try to impress upon them that this is a collaborative process. We are working together as partners to improve their social media message and presence to convert customers into raving fans.

When they respond to my email, social media post, or website application, I point them to a calendar to schedule a one-on-one discussion of their need and my solution. Then I follow this up with a thank you letter and scheduled reminders up to the time of our meeting. I also include a sample video with each step.

This approach allows me to remain real and personal and not come across as a pushy salesperson. Becoming a trusted ally is important to me personally and to them professionally. I am new to this marketing process. I have 40 years of experience in emergency services and “zilch” in marketing. My degrees in communications and instructional design help with theory. Now I must put it into practice."

Advice Contributor

Michael McCabe

Michael McCabe is the owner and executive producer at Hilltop Video Services (HVS), which helps small businesses learn how to create effective social media video animations.

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