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Consider your customer roadmap

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith, Brands by Brie

"One of the greatest things I’ve learned about pricing and packaging is that, as a business owner, you have to understand how the product you are pricing fits into your customer roadmap.

If it's an introductory product or service, the price should reflect this as it makes upselling additional offers far easier as your customer continues to journey through your product roadmap.

I took inventory of my product and service offerings in the fall of last year and was quickly able to see that one of the products I had marked as $17 actually needed to be free. After I made that shift, I was able to use that same product to grow my email list.

Once people downloaded that product for free, they were put into an email workflow that went more in-depth about my other offerings - many of which built upon the skills they learned inside the free training I gave them. One of my clients quickly upgraded to a paid service."

Advice Contributor

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith believes a peaceful home and a profitable brand can coexist. Brie launched Brands by Brie - a coaching company helping moms build businesses while raising their children.

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