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Create a daily schedule

Mike Oliver

"The most important change I made over the last few years is to schedule my entire workday. When I know exactly what I will be working on for the day, I can have a daily goal for myself and also stick to a project schedule.

When you begin each workday not having a defined task or project, you will find yourself jumping around from task to task and being extremely unproductive. This also helps you stay on schedule as far as deliverables for your clients. Knowing what you need to accomplish every day is key.

The other main thing is to set defined times when you check your email or go on social media. I personally try to stick with checking my email and social feed before work, at lunch, and once more at the end of the day. You would be amazed at how much time you lose every day by continually checking your email or jumping on Twitter."

Advice Contributor

Mike Oliver

Mike Oliver is an independent designer who has been working for himself for over 10 years.

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