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Beth Shekinah Terrence

"My one thing is creating and offering good content via blog posts, webinars, and some free programming that engages people.

One of the big items of mine is a free annual program or love offering, as I call it. "May Is For Metta: 31 Days of Loving-kindness Meditation" is an annual virtual event I have done each May since 2011.

It's a big part of how my audience grows and also keeps folks engaged year after year. This year, I offered it free on Podia during the month of May, and it's also offered now as a paid course throughout the year."

Advice Contributor

Beth Shekinah Terrence

Beth Shekinah Terrence is a holistic and wellness practitioner on a journey of supporting others in transformation and healing. Beth’s purpose is to cultivate connection, compassion, and awakening and to help clients find their unique way of connecting and navigating their inner guidance system.

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