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Don’t go it alone

Emily Mills, Sketchnote Academy

"When I was first starting out, I wish I had more access to community and accountability.

I did a LOT on my own, and I could have saved so much time and effort if I had other creators alongside me so I could get and give advice, float ideas around, ask questions, be challenged, be exposed to new ideas and other ways of doing things, and find accountability.

Creators should never create alone! We create better when we're together. If you find yourself feeling isolated as a creator, find community ASAP! Your isolation affects you, your work, and your product more than you realize."

Advice Contributor

Emily Mills

Emily Mills quit the corporate grind in 2016 to build her own creative life and business … and help others do it too! She enjoys teaching, whether it’s through her online school for visual notetaking (Sketch Academy), her book (The Art of Visual Notetaking), or through speaking.

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