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Create with a specific audience in mind

Sundaee Frasier, Sundaee Sundries

"One change I made that resulted in my Etsy shop taking off was I started creating based not only on what I know, but I also created for a specific audience in mind. Before, I created what I thought people wanted with no one in particular in mind. I really didn’t understand what I was creating or who I was creating for. I just thought if I made it pretty, then someone would buy it. I could not have been more wrong.

Then I started creating communication cards for my son to use at home. He’s nonverbal, so I know the struggles behind facilitating communication and had a way to solve that. I decided to take a chance and post some basic communication cards I made for him. Those turned into a bestseller on Etsy for that category. It made me realize that it’s the perfect niche for me.

I have experience in being a mom and trying to help my autistic son. I have been able to take my knowledge and help other families and teachers with my creations. It took me from only a couple of sales after months of being open to over 800 sales with less than thirty products in my shop. It was really a game changer for my shop and how I create products to sell."

Advice Contributor

Sundaee Frasier

Sundaee Frasier is a stay-at-home mom to her autistic son, who has inspired her to make learning printables and digital products for other families in a similar position.

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