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Raelene Bradley, Belvedere Farmstead

"Consistently posting daily behind-the-scenes and how-I-do-this type content on Instagram has been the best tactic to growing my audience.

I teach new and want-to-be milk cow owners all about keeping a family cow, so sharing my own daily experiences along those lines (and other homesteading / homekeeping / farming content) is the best way I've found so far to reach like-minded individuals — either those already invested in this lifestyle and looking for value from others also doing what they do, or those who are looking for something to add value to their lives, to find meaning and purpose, to slow down and grow their own food, increase their self-sufficiency and food security, and live a more intentional life.

Instagram is also a great way for me to connect in small but meaningful, consistent ways with my local farm customers. I have many families who purchase milk, eggs, and grass-fed meats from our farm and they LOVE to be involved and connected with the day-to-day happenings on the farm. It makes them feel connected to the farm and they are! They are a huge factor to helping us 'keep the lights on' and I love for them to feel invested in our every day.

But Instagram alone is not enough. The changing algorithms and our changing relationship to social media can limit both the reach and efficacy of the content I post. The best way to stay CONNECTED to my audience is via my email list, but I use Instagram to GROW that audience and reach new audience members via the content I create there."

Advice Contributor

Raelene Bradley

Raelene Bradley teaches new and soon-to-be milk cow owners the knowledge, information, and actionable step-by-step training they need to feel confident and prepared to bring their very first milk cow home.

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