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Develop a customer journey

Carmin Wharton

"As creators, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how much more we know than our niche market or how much of an expert we are. This leads us to either water-hosing our clients with EVERYTHING we know (which sends them running to the hills) or educating them at too high a level which could lead them to believe they have some great deficiency they can’t overcome which could lead them to give up on a goal they need your help in achieving.

Regardless of what industry you’re in or who your niche market is, the best thing a creator (especially a coach) can do is to remember that you’re trying to get people from Point A to Point B, and those points must be reached incrementally. So, you’ll help them achieve a goal to get from Point A to Point B, and then once that goal is achieved, you’ll help them achieve ANOTHER goal by taking them from Point A to Point B. Points A and B are not finite. Coaching and offering products in this manner also ensures that people will be repeat buyers.

Here's the key: Before you start marketing, develop a customer journey that will take your ideal customer from requesting your free lead magnet/opt-in to purchasing your highest-cost product or service. For each new product or service, seek feedback to find out what the next problem your niche market needs your help with. This method ensures the retention of paying customers!"

Advice Contributor

Carmin Wharton

Carmin Wharton is a business coach to midlife women (50+) who want to start an online business using current skills, knowledge, expertise, and passion, and a life coach to women who want to reinvent their life - on their terms!

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