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“Door-to-door” marketing on LinkedIn

Steven Steiner, Career Coach for Designers

"One key tactic I used to grow my audience is via what I refer to as ‘door-to-door’ marketing on LinkedIn.

This is when I reach out to people who I am not connected with on LinkedIn that show up on my feed who align with my target market.

I send them a personalized connection request that leads with how I noticed them and ends with a genuine interest in their journey. For example: [Name] - Congratulations,[name]on your recent completing the UX Bootcamp program at General Assembly! I'd like to join your network to continue to support your journey.

If they accept my connect request, which normally they do, I acknowledge their acceptance and deliver a call to action. For example: [Name] - Thank you for accepting my connection request! How is your Designer journey going?

Based on their reply I adjust my approach to each valid lead and offer a free consult or let the conversation naturally fade out.

This approach allows me to remain authentic in my personal brand and not come across as a pushy sales person. I have been able to see it pay off drastically over time via their engagement on my future public LinkedIn engagements and referrals to others. It feels that they see me as someone who truly cares about their success and not their money."

Advice Contributor

Steven Steiner

Steven Steiner is a Designer by trade, Coach at heart. He created Career Coach for Designers to help you reach your individual career goals.

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