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Directing course students to coaching packages

Jen Rudd, Grow With Jen

"I’ve learned that customers and clients are two different people. No matter what my products are, they are not purchased in exchange for my 1:1 conversations with customers.

When I first started selling courses, I would often get customers who would DM me constant questions about the course material or try to convert the small product fee into a full-blown coaching session. While it was nice they wanted attention, it would erode my actual consulting business because I had clients who were paying for my consulting time and customers who bought a product expecting the same level of service.

I had to start using scripts to redirect customers to purchase consulting time or post in a Facebook group so others could benefit from their questions, but I drew the line when it came to full blown coaching.

I try not to overprice my products to ensure people don't confuse an asynchronous course with coaching, but that doesn't mean I discount the value that I offer in my products."

Advice Contributor

Jen Rudd

Jen Rudd, MBA, PMP is a business consultant and cross-platform automation expert with an extensive background in creating systems and automation for a variety of business types.

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