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Do the inner work

Jaymie Sutherland

"As a creator, the inner work is some of the most important work that you can do. And it’s often missed!

As creators, we are baring our soul in our work, we're putting our heart into words, art, teachings, lessons, video, and then putting it essentially on display to the world. So, if your inner core or foundations aren't solid, it's easy to allow the critics, reviews, and feedback to determine your worth because you didn't have that set point created already.

It's exciting to have this beautiful idea or creation, and you'll either just want to get it out there as soon as possible so you can have this sort of whiplash if your excitement level isn't met, or you're too afraid to put it out there and your magic sits in the shadows where no one else can see, enjoy, and expand from!

When you take the time and energy to do the inner work - and not just conscious mindset work such as affirmations and journal prompts but the deep, energetic, subconscious, spiritual, and somatic work - to create core foundations within yourself of self-worth, validation, and love, then it's so much easier and exciting to share the beauty you create because you aren't sharing to seek validation but just to give and to add a little more joy, beauty, acceptance, empowerment, inspiration, or love to the world.

Even if you're a business and you're charging money for your creations, teachings, words, etc., you can do so from this place of self-empowerment where you filter out some of the growing pains because you're already aligned and attracting the people you desire to share your magic with.

Money is still energy so in business it's still a purely energetic exchange, and it's so much more fun to have that energetic exchange be with confidence and joy from the purchaser who is receiving your gift and confidence and joy from you who is receiving the abundance of sharing your gift.

So, whether you're new or well into your creator journey, take time to check in on your overall wellbeing! And don't skip the inner work because you can save yourself so much disappointment, frustration, and scarcity in the long run!"

Advice Contributor

Jaymie Sutherland

Jaymie Sutherland is an empathic healer who works with women to heal from within and come home to themselves through spiritual, energetic, and somatic teachings, practices, and codes.

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