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Don’t be scared to try something different

Mirjana Ilic, Vezak Embroidery

"When I started out my embroidery business, I spent so much time watching YouTube videos and following loads of social media managers, trying to soak up everything. One of the main things that always stood out to me was that many of them would say something along the lines of, “It will take time” or “It took me three years to get to where I am now”. I remember thinking, “Yeah right! I know everything I need to know already, and it’s all set up, and it is just going to work out exactly how I picture it!”

Well, even just writing that now makes me cringe at how naive I was, especially since I wouldn't even say that I wasn't successful! I had my first embroidery supply sales within days, and my account grew quite quickly. I was filling workshops and getting requests from people in other countries for online courses and patterns!

What was naive though was that I thought that the initial conception of my business would be my last. Over the course of three years, I went from selling embroidery supplies to selling embroidery sets to founding a membership to holding weekly workshops and have now decided to get into online courses and expand beyond Serbia!

What I am trying to say is that, especially in our modern world, it's so important to be flexible. Your target audience will change, you will change, and along with it, your business will change too! Try out different ways of running your business. See what works and what doesn't. Don't be scared to try something completely different, and definitely don't be scared to stop doing something if it isn't working for you anymore.

Though I find it hard to believe, it has taken me three years to figure out what I want my business to look like (at least for now), just like they said! Be careful of getting stuck because of fear and because you already think you know what the best solution is. Instead, take your time, listen to your gut, change your mind, and experiment. It really is the only way to grow your business and yourself into something that you will enjoy doing every day."

Advice Contributor

Mirjana Ilic

Mirjana Ilic, founder of Vezak Embroidery, offers an online community, in-person workshops, and hangouts, all based in Serbia. Mirjana helps people learn hand embroidery, reconnect with their creativity, and de-stress from life!

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