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Don’t forget your existing customers

Vassia Sarantopoulou, AntiLoneliness

"When I first started as a creator, I was extremely focused on getting more students for my products. I was arranging live videos, webinars, workshops, discounts, and bonuses–everything in order to have more NEW customers.

However, I forgot something even more important: my existing customers. I forgot to nourish them and appreciate them for having chosen my products.

I was focusing more on the cold leads than the hot ones. And that affected my sales and my business immensely: the existing clients started leaving because they felt "not important", didn't see the value, or didn't feel there was a meaningful relationship between them and me.

What I do now is this: intentionally and mindfully, every week, I plan the ways that I will show up for my existing clients. I send them extra emails and reminders, I thank them for their participation, and I give them gifts only for them, like ebooks, articles, and videos. I ask them for their opinion and adjust my products to their needs. I try to appreciate them more, and that has been changing how they experience my Academy."

Advice Contributor

Vassia Sarantopoulou

Vassia Sarantopoulou is a psychologist and mental health educator. She is passionate about helping people manage their stress and their perfectionistic overwhelming expectations and bringing more balance and connection to their relationships.

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