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Embrace simplicity, authenticity, and consistency

Cymphany Wilson

"I understand the importance of being yourself. I used to feel like you have to be like everyone else and just do what they do. I learned that when you embrace your authentic self, things fall into place, you are pushing yourself forward, and you are standing out from the crowd. This is what I know now that I wish I knew before.

Keep it simple. There are so many times when you feel like you have to have all of these complicated things in order to grow your brand, and you really do not. Keeping it simple is helpful. Keeping it simple takes a lot of the pressure off of you to feel like you need all of these systems and more in order to grow your brand. This is something that I know now that I wish I knew before.

Being consistent doesn’t mean posting every day. Being consistent means you are doing what feels comfortable. You have to give yourself permission to be okay with showing up in the online space less. Less is okay, and it’s okay to take the pressure off of yourself. It’s okay to take time to do what’s necessary and what’s needed."

Advice Contributor

Cymphany Wilson

Cymphany Wilson is a marketing and business coach who helps business owners grow their business with ease and makes marketing and sales fun.

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