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Embrace the pomodoro technique

Beth Shekinah Terrence

"As a day dreamer and someone with many interests, sometimes it’s hard to focus or stick with one task.

One tool that I've embraced for many years now is the pomodoro technique of time/project management developed by Francesco Cirillo. You can use a tomato or kitchen timer or there are some great apps to get now as well.

This has helped me a lot to stay on track, and also by working in 25-minute blocks of time, it's easier to stay focused from inner and outer distractions. Also, over time you can learn realistically how long certain tasks take.

There are breaks built in: 5 minutes after every 25 minutes and a longer 15-minute break after four 25-minute sessions. This supports self-care and increased focus and productivity. It's been a huge win for me to work with this technique."

Advice Contributor

Beth Shekinah Terrence

Beth Shekinah Terrence is a holistic and wellness practitioner on a journey of supporting others in transformation and healing. Beth’s purpose is to cultivate connection, compassion, and awakening and to help clients find their unique way of connecting and navigating their inner guidance system.

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