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Engagement over virality

Naek Mejia, Hackeando Oportunidades

"I went from 0 to 50K TikTok followers in two months and learned the hard way that was not the best thing to happen. Don’t get me wrong, having so many followers in a short time did give me a confidence boost, and I thought this would be the growth rate going forward.

Quickly, I learned that for real impact, community, and conversions, it was not only about increasing in numbers, but it needed to have depth.

Vanity metrics and virality are so unsteady and are not necessarily correlated to an engaged community or potential clients. Down the line, I focused on not only creating viral videos but also videos I knew would reach a smaller audience and would actually showcase my knowledge and help my community more than just superficially.

Nowadays, I can see the difference in a video seen by less people but that drives higher engagement: follows, clicks to my course, and more. Just as an experiment, I did not even promote my course on my feed but just in my link in bio, and I had 23 signups in three weeks.

People who trust what we do will be more valuable than many who watch one viral video and never engage with our content again."

Advice Contributor

Naek Mejia

Naek Mejia is a Honduran passionate about sharing educational and professional development hacks.

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