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Finding clients through social media

Asia Kelly, Iconoclast Strategy

"I have learned to use my social media following more effectively and strategically. I already have a valuable base of women who follow me due to the content I produce from various social media platforms. I learned to leverage this loyal base to make my first sales and build my email list/customer base.

Who knew women who followed me for social commentary would trust me enough to be their tax advisor? It was a valuable lesson to learn that if people like YOU and you have things in common with people, they will trust you with other areas of their lives.

Not only that, but they will also promote YOU to other people. The referrals have been insanely good. A good reputation is worth its weight in GOLD, and I will value it accordingly."

Advice Contributor

Asia Kelly

Asia Simone Kelly has been a Tax Practitioner for over 10 years helping low to high income individuals and small business owners with tax compliance and tax strategy.

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