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Focus on helping clients, not “likes”

Maria Lindbergh, Toilet Talk

"When I first started as a creator, I’d feel frustrated if I didn’t see a response to the work I put out. I’d spend so much time making videos and blog posts and then see very little engagement or web traffic. My effort felt futile, and I found myself obsessing over the likes.

Now I know that if I make content with the intent to get likes or increase traffic to my products, then I'm setting myself up for failure emotionally. I won't feel like I'm enough because I'm not reaching the goals of an 'x' amount of engagement or traffic.

I feel fulfilled when I make content focusing on what my ideal client needs and wants to hear. I've turned my focus to being service-based, which also makes me feel more valuable. I've noticed that this authenticity in my work draws more attention and engagement from people.

For instance, a woman reached out to me and shared that she wanted to take her child on a vacation to Disneyland. She felt embarrassed to admit that she initially didn't want to go because she didn't know how she'd clean her bottom outside of her home. She thanked me for sharing tips on how to clean her bottom outside of the house and felt excited and empowered to take this trip with her family.

Overall, I'd tell my past self to let go of wanting a big reaction to my work and just focus on helping people solve problems. Don't be a slave to the algorithm."

Advice Contributor

Maria Lindbergh

Maria Lindbergh is an occupational therapist who helps people make beautiful, safe bathrooms. She provides solutions and practical resources to increase people’s confidence in taking care of themselves and keeping their dignity intact.

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