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Focus weeks

Ashley Danyew

"As a self-employed musician, my business has multiple facets: two blogs, one podcast, online courses and digital products, and private teaching. One strategy that has helped me organize my time is having “focus weeks.”

I use a time-blocking system to block off different parts of my day for different types of work (admin, focused work for content creation, planning, or a bigger project, and teaching). In addition, I look at my month as a whole and block off times to work on one project consistently. For instance, if I’m building a course, I might block off focused work blocks on Fridays for the whole month to work on this project. Or if I’m working on a presentation, I might block off a focused work block each day, Monday through Friday, for one week to tackle this project.

This helps me make steady progress on a larger creative project."

Advice Contributor

Ashley Danyew

Ashley Danyew is a musician, educator, writer, and entrepreneur. She created her business to provide practical tools and creative resources to help church musicians and music educators do their best work.

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