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Form strategic partnerships

Melissa Pepers, Turning Points

"Forming strategic partnerships had the biggest impact on growing my business.

After years of testing and learning, I finally discovered that forming strategic partnerships was the best way to grow my business. By working together with other organisations that had the same beliefs as mine, I was able to share my resources with their larger audience through collaborations. This made us much stronger than if we had each tried to do it by ourselves. It's been a great success, and I'm very grateful for all the hard work everyone put in to make it happen!

Collaborating with a new company can be done in many ways, such as using affiliate codes, running workshops, or designing new offerings. To begin, I suggest reaching out to the owner on LinkedIn. Provide a link to arrange a meeting to discuss how a collaboration with you could help them expand their business.

Partnerships enabled me to not only expand my reach and build a larger customer base but also to learn from my partners, share best practices, and benefit from the collective wisdom they had to offer. In addition, the access to new resources and knowledge enabled me to be a more effective leader, allowing me to make more informed decisions and increase my profits.

All in all, forming strategic partnerships has proven to be an invaluable tool in the growth of my business and has enabled me to achieve a level of success I never would have thought possible."

Advice Contributor

Melissa Pepers

Melissa Pepers is both a futurist and a business designer. Her online business design program, Turning Points, is for thought leaders and organisations that want to play a significant role in shaping the future.

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