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Grow your list with a free download center

Delia Schreiber

"Linking something free on Podia with your social media is great. On my Podia website, I have a download center where customers can find exercises, advice, stories, examples, and more for free. In my YouTube videos, I shortly and casually mention the free download center and that the link can be found beneath the video. This is great to grow your customer list fast. Plus, it’s all “hot” customers who are interested in the topic.

I upload free material regularly - just half of a page is already enough. When customers realize that your advice, your ideas, and the picture you give is really relevant for whatever they are looking for, they are happy to buy your products.

Also, every month I set a different course up for 50% off and let my customers know via my Podia newsletter. Don't forget to put the link to the course into the newsletter. This offer is also announced beneath my YouTube videos and on other social media accounts. If people unsubscribe, take a breath of relief! You don't want customers which are not inspired and happy to buy your products and instead expect every move you make for free."

Advice Contributor

Delia Schreiber

Delia Schreiber is a psychologist specializing in trauma after emotional abuse.

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