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Grow your list with masterclasses

Charly Stoever, Traveler Charly Money Coaching

"Building a following on social media, mostly on Instagram and Facebook, via my personal network, was incredibly helpful. I’ve always been transparent about my travels to 30+ countries and how I was getting into investing, so when I announced I was starting an email list, I had nearly 100 sign-ups in the first month.

Over a year after starting my email list, I've grown my mailing list to 430. What helps a lot is offering free masterclasses on topics I help clients with, like investing in brokerage accounts or building your credit score through credit card use. I announce my masterclasses, and I add to my email list any new sign-ups I get.

Whenever I post recordings, I also add the sign-ups to my email list. Serving value and promoting my newsletter via social media also helps a lot since I get new followers engaging with my content all the time. You can never promote what you do too much! Sending out emails consistently helps keep people on it.

Last, I wouldn't worry so much about unsubscribes. I've had dozens of unsubscribes, and I know not to take it personally. I myself am extremely picky about which email lists I subscribe to, so I get it! But overall, I have grown my email list by serving value for my community."

Advice Contributor

Charly Stoever

Charly Stoever (they/them) is a nonbinary Latinx former stock broker helping first-gen folks embody their millionaire selves and become confidently wealthy. Charly is also a digital nomad, blogger, and podcaster whose mission is to get more money into the hands of LGBTQ+BIPOC.

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