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Higher prices can mean greater engagement

Hsiao-Yen Jones, The Freed Fawn


When I launched my very first paid membership offer (a virtual peer-support group called The Healing Circle - for those seeking to connect with others also in the depths of their mental-emotional healing), I thought that the best thing I could do to serve my community was to make my pricing as accessible as possible. With that pure desire, I created a sliding scale where participants could pay anywhere from $11 to $66 per month. Before I implemented this generous sliding scale, I *thought* that those who had the most need, and thus received the highest level of financial support, would be the most active in the forums as well as the weekly calls. Boy, was I wrong...

The reality I soon faced was that there was a direct correlation between how much each person was paying and how invested they were in the group - with those on the upper end of the sliding scale posting daily in the forums and showing up for every live call, and those at the upper end of the sliding scale barely showing up, if at all, for either. In fact, upon checking in on a small handful of participants who seem to have ghosted the group entirely (and were dually signed up at the lowest rate), a couple got back to me to share that they had legit FORGOTTEN that they had signed up at all. Yikes.

I share the cringey behind-the-scenes of my own first launch because I want to save you, and your future clients, the wasted time and energy of buying into the lie that you need to be accessible to everyone. What I didn't get then, but did so very soon after my first launch, was that how much you charge for your offerings isn't just money, it's a signifier of your client's energetic investment in their own work with you.

So, if you've been feeling hesitant or even guilty for charging what you feel your offerings are really worth, just know that you're not only undercharging yourself but short-changing your clients from being fully invested in the transformations that they came to you to facilitate."

Advice Contributor

Hsiao-Yen Jones

Hsiao-Yen Jones has shared her healing journey with her community since 2015 and works as a trauma-informed mentor and facilitator to support others as they reclaim their real selves beneath their masks.

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