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The balance between honoring your time and accessibility

Brittney Ellers, Being Better

"Since becoming a creator and self-employed physical therapist, it’s been a wild ride of pricing shifts and changing models. This is especially because of how my values have become more defined - for accessibility, as well as honoring my time, experience, and energy.

When I first started out solo, I was offering in-home visits across San Diego for $85 an hour. Doesn't sound like much, but that was what I was told to do to begin building my clientele and reputation. It didn't take long until I was encouraged to increase my prices to $120 an hour for in-home sessions. Slowly over the years, I stopped doing home visits to maximize my time and save my body and was working in a beautiful office for $250 for an evaluation.

I had learned about the idea of charging what you're worth, and honestly, that took a toll on me and my values. I was working with a lot of stressed-out women and soon-to-be parents who struggled to get the support they needed (hands-on care from a pelvic PT like me). Charging $250 an hour felt like honoring my time but didn't reflect my belief that this kind of care should be accessible.

So, I actually reduced my rates to $175 for an evaluation and bundled my sessions into $600-$700 packages to help people get the care and continuity most of them needed. I also was able to bundle my online courses and suggest that they join my Podia community PHASIC for more value."

Advice Contributor

Brittney Ellers

Brittney Ellers is a holistic pelvic physical therapist, educator, and creator who strives to support people through all stages of pelvic health.

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