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In-person workshops

Julian Crosson-Hill, Priest of Inanna

"The one thing I’ve changed that has had the most impact on my business has been doing in-person workshops again. Coming out of the pandemic, it seemed like a lot of people were telling me that they were burnt out being on Zoom.

I partnered with a local spiritual center that started up on the tail end of the pandemic and offered one or two workshops at their location. These were well received, and I was asked to offer additional workshops and longer training sessions.

The benefit of doing these for my business has been two-fold. The obvious benefit has been some cash flow created by offering these in-person workshops. The less obvious benefits are the ways in which this has helped me grow my following and create online versions of my most popular in-person events.

I’ve seen my social media following and my email list grow as a result of these in-person events. When people get to have an experience with me, they want to learn more about the other things I do which helps me grow my following. I also get real-time feedback on the content I’m including in these workshops. I’ve begun the process of adopting the most successful in-person events into self-paced courses and virtual group coaching programs."

Advice Contributor

Julian Crosson-Hill

Julian Crosson-Hill is an ICF certified spiritual life coach who helps people answer their spiritual calling and grow their spiritual businesses.

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